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MCS' art has won several awards and is featured in the how-to volume, "Photoshop and Illustrator Synergy: Studio Secrets."  He's also a writer, having worked for various publications before turning to art full-time. MCS lives in southern California where, especially during the Fall and Winter, the light can be perfect for an artist.

Contact the artist at chalonsmithstudio@yahoo.com

all art/images ┬ęcopyright of MCS

From a news report on the gallery launch:

MCS started out creating oil and acrylic paintings and watercolors, then found an interest in photography. That took him far, he says, but not far enough. To get farther, he embraced the new media tools that came with digital art. Photoshop, Painter and Illustrator became tools along with his paint brushes and cameras. He spent years finding a complementary balance between them.

And he did.  MCS went on to win various awards for his work, mostly through online contest and museum/gallery competitions, and had his images published in traditional books and publications as well as internet galleries and other art-oriented entities, including magazines and blogs and all the others. His work has been shown in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

One thing he emphasizes: his work should be freely available. With that in mind, he continues to put images online where everyone has access.

Of his art, MCS says, "Questions, no ready answers. Pretty, and then worrisome images. Calming ... then the agitations comes. Why is that? I'd like people to look and look again. Then they put the reasons together themselves. Good art is all about ambiguity and the need for the viewer becoming a participant and connecting the dots themselves."

He concludes, "Art isn't the answer -- it's the string of wonders that lets the viewer draw a revealing line through their assumptions, feelings and passion for aesthetics."


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